PARISH OFFICE:OPEN EVERY WEEKDAY: 8.00AM - 5.00.PM. The main sanctuary remains open all day on Wednesday from 8am - 6pm for anyone who’d wish to come in to pray.

St. Andrew's Cathedral Church is a Parish of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Diocese of Thika. The Cathedral is headed by the Provost. As a Cathedral, St. Andrew's is the Seat of the Diocesan Bishop.

As a Parish, it relates structurally within the Anglican Church of Kenya hierarchy through the Diocesan Synod, Archdeaconry and Deanery.

In order to safeguard the Diocesan interests, St. Andrew's has a Cathedral Chapter entrenched in its constitution and statutes and the Chapter has the necessary representation.


The Cathedral operates, within the background of the ACK superstructure and the Cathedral Ministry should exercise the sensitivity and responsibility that its status demands.

Like other Parishes within the Anglican Church of Kenya, St. Andrew's Cathedral is governed by a Parochial Church Council (P.C.C) which is entrenched in the Diocesan Constitution. The P.C.C is congregational representative and is the visible representation of the Governance Hierarchy and Structure of the Anglican Church of Kenya. Leadership responsibilities are bequeathed to the leaders during the Bi-Annual General Meeting.

As the main Governance organ of the Cathedral, the P.C.C is headed by the Provost. The PCC is responsible for formulation, implementation and evaluation of the Cathedral Ministries as well as the formulation and implementation of Financial and other policies. Good corporate governance requires that, these roles be kept separate without being mixed with the day to day operations and decision processes of the Cathedral. The P.C.C should meet as per the constitution to undertake its functions.


In view of the pivotal role that the PCC plays in the Cathedral, the Cathedral stands or falls on the basis of the capacity of the P.C.C to offer leadership, manage and administer the Human, Financial and other resources for the maximum benefit of the worshippers.

The operations of St. Andrew's Cathedral are structured into Pillar Committees, Departments and Cell Groups and these organs work closely together for the smooth running of all the activities and programmes of the Cathedral for the extension of Gods Kingdom.