PARISH OFFICE:OPEN EVERY WEEKDAY: 8.00AM - 5.00.PM. The main sanctuary remains open all day on Wednesday from 8am - 6pm for anyone who’d wish to come in to pray.

St. Andrew's Church was started as a Mission  Station  by  the  African Christians of St. Stephen's Cathedral, Jogoo Road in Nairobi in 1920. The new congregation became part of Thika Chaplaincy  by  then  comprising  of Thika, Makuyu, Fort Hall, Ndarugu, Ndonyo Sabuk, Mua Hills, Athi River,Machakos, Lake Magadi and Kajiado. The Mission Station was established to cater for African Christians working in the coffee farms and sisal plantations around Thika. Thika Memorial Church situated along   Gatanga Road was designated for the Europeans.

In 1941, a permanent building and a vicarage were erected at “Section 9” of Thika Town through the assistance of CMS and was named CMS Native St. Andrew's Church Thika, in the then Diocese of Mombasa. Kenya then comprised of one diocese named Mombasa. CMS Native St. Andrew's Church had congregations in Kiaora, Kisima/ Punda Milia, Makuyu ya Wakikuyu, Samari, Kitito, Kakuzi, Kitwamba, Donyo Sabuk, Anglo French  Thika,  Juja  Farm,  Kalimoni, Juja Siding Ndula, Santamore , Kitamaiyu, Sukari and Kamiti. The congregations were  ministered by  a vicar from St. Stephen's Church, Jogoo Road and the services were conducted in Swahili.Since   most   of   the   Kikuyu Anglican   Christians, who were the majority at the Mission Station had little mastery  of  the  language,  they  used  to attend  Sunday  services  in  their  rural homes especially in Murang’a.

In 1961, St. Andrew's Church became part of Thika Pastorate (Parish) with 19 congregations under the late Rev. Esbon Ngaruiya (later to become the Assistant Bishop of Mt. Kenya Diocese in the newly created Diocese of Mt. Kenya).  The first Bishop of the new Diocese was the Rt. Rev. Obadiah Kariuki.   In 1968, St. Andrew's Church became part of Chania- Kariaara Deanery under the Rev. John Kago who later became Archdeacon and Provincial Secretary of the Anglican Church of Kenya.

While  some  of  the  worshippers at St. Andrew's Church came from the plantations around Thika, many of them also came from the established estates like Majengo, Starehe, TUDC, Kimathi and Pilot.   The majority of the residents of “Section 9”, where the church was located however,   belonged  to  the   Asian Community and they were not Christians and with time it became apparent that St. Andrew's Church was “misplaced”.    It was, therefore, found necessary for an alternative location to be identified so that the Church may be situated closer those who worship in it.  The church leadership then started seeking a solution to this need. In 1967 the Commissioner of Lands offered an alternative plot of 6.78 acres through the assistance of the late Mzee Jomo Kenyata in exchange for the 1 acre plot in “Section 9”. That is how St. Andrew's Cathedral came to be located at its present site.

At that time, the finances available were not adequate to build a Church building particularly because the majority of the African  worshippers  who  would  have facilitated such a project had their loyalty to their rural home churches.  Rev. John Kago who was the Vicar then approached the CMS for funding for the construction of a new Church building. The organization, however, could not fund the construction of a Church building on policy ground but it gave some money for the construction of a Community Hall to be temporarily used as a Church. Some additional money w a s given  by the Church Commissioners for Kenya as a loan.

The foundation stone of the Hall cum Church was laid by the Archbishop of West Africa and Bishop of Sierra Leone, the Most Rev. Moses Scott assisted by Bishop Obadiah Kariuki on 1st March 1970. The building was officially opened by the Late H.E Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, the first President of the Republic of Kenya on 7th December 1970.

In 1975 when the Diocese of Mt. Kenya was divided into Mt. Kenya East and Mt. Kenya South St. Andrew's Church became part of Mt. Kenya South Diocese, under Bishop Obadiah Kariuki.

In 1984, the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South divided further to form the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South and Mt. Kenya Central. St. Andrew's Church remained in the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South under Bishop George Muiru Njuguna. The Diocese of Mt. Kenya South was in Northern Archdeaconry that covered the current Mangu, Juja, Ruiru Archdeaconries and part of Cathedral Archdeaconry, Thika.