PARISH OFFICE:OPEN EVERY WEEKDAY: 8.00AM - 5.00.PM. The main sanctuary remains open all day on Wednesday from 8am - 6pm for anyone who’d wish to come in to pray.


  1. Low number of men attend church especially in the lower zone. In fact, in some churches there are no men in Sunday services e.g. A.C.K. St. Stephen’s, Mukundi in Thungururu Parish and Wendani, Ngatho in Matunda Parish.
  2. Vastness of some parishes coupled with poor road network makes it difficult for quality pastoral care of the Christians. Some Christians travel for long distances to go to parish headquarters. i.e. in Swani parish, Christians from ACK Kangangu Church travels over 15 Km to go to the parish headquarters in Swani. During the rainy season the church is inaccessible by vehicles. During last year’s Deanery Confirmation Service at Happy Valley, candidates from Kangangu Church had to arrive a day earlier and spent the evening in relatives or friends’ homes near Kenol Shopping Center to avoid being late for the service.
  3. Most of the churches are under construction. These churches rely on harambees ‘thoko’ for ministry support and hence a delicate balancing act between development and ministry support.