PARISH OFFICE:OPEN EVERY WEEKDAY: 8.00AM - 5.00.PM. The main sanctuary remains open all day on Wednesday from 8am - 6pm for anyone who’d wish to come in to pray.

Christians within the archdeaconry differ in terms of socio-economic status. In the upper zone, majority of Christians are in formal employment while some are casual labourers. Majority of those in the lower zone are peasant farmers where they major subsistence farming. There have been seminars organised in various industries in Thika town geared towards transforming Christian’s social and economic lives as well as having career days.

This has also been complemented through Sunday sermons and talks by various professionals. The result has been evident in improved giving and improved performance in careers.

Chaplaincy in Schools
There are 29 primary schools, 14 Secondary schools, 3 polytechnics, 16 colleges, one university and one university campus within the archdeaconry. Most of the primary and secondary schools are sponsored by Roman Catholic and while others are managed by the District Education Boards (DEB). Conducting chaplaincy ministry in these schools has therefore been a challenge. The leaderships and managements of the other schools has been reluctant to allow chaplaincy ministry from other churches due to suspicion that they could be overtaken. However, there have also been fruitful efforts in some schools and colleges where clergy have been taking PPI and Christian Union fellowships. The results have been evident in increased number of children attending Sunday school; number of confirmation candidates and church membership especially the youth.

Pastoral Ministry
During the synodic period, pastoral ministry has been intensified to cater for the spiritual needs of the Christians. The ministry teams have been actively involved in offering spiritual support for the Christians in their homes, businesses, places of work among others. Special attention has been given to the cell group fellowships as one of the best avenues for spiritual growth and development of our Christians. Spiritual, moral and financial support has also been offered to the families who have been ill, bereaved or needy.

Evangelistic Enterprises
Various evangelistic enterprises have been held within the archdeaconry, such as open air crusades, door to door evangelism, revival fellowships and worship experience among others. As a result of these evangelistic campaigns, Christians have been able to grow spiritually, new people have joined our churches and have been able to open churches especially in Muti (Thungururu Parish) and Kangangu East (Swani Parish).

Sector Ministry
The sector ministry (children, youth, Mothers’ Union and K.A.M.A) has been active within the archdeaconry with each department scheduling activities for spiritual growth and economic empowerment. Such activities include: seminars, fellowships, retreats, get- togethers, dinners, camps, hikes, mentorship programs, Vacation Bible Studies, Bible clubs etc. In Muguga parish- Salama Church, they have started Bible Study groups for children where they meet in one of the church member’s home for Bible reading and teaching on Christian morals. This gesture is geared towards helping the children grow in Godly ways and also as responsible members of the society. Last year,  St. Andrew’s Cathedral Church men constructed a perimeter fence while the Sunday School won the Mt. Kenya Region Music festivals.