PARISH OFFICE:OPEN EVERY WEEKDAY: 8.00AM - 5.00.PM. The main sanctuary remains open all day on Wednesday from 8am - 6pm for anyone who’d wish to come in to pray.

The main role of the Evangelism and Outreach Committee is coordinating Mission and evangelism for purposes of making many know Christ and come to Faith The Committee also aims at nurturing Christians to reach maturity in faith and in the knowledge of God. The biblical mandate that guides the committee is Math 28:18-20.
Key Programmes and activities of this Pillar are Internal and External Evangelism also known as Outreach and Mission:

i) Internal Evangelism
· Worship services are used as major avenues of proclamation of the gospel. Appropriate
methods such as making altar calls, praying for the needy and counseling those requiring
personal care are used
· Organizing Evangelistic enterprises such as Weekend Challenge, Revival
Fellowship, Worship Experience, Door to Door evangelism, Open Air
Meetings are planned and executed.
· Follow-up Programme of the new believers takes place.

ii) External Evangelism/Outreach and Missions
It is the responsibility of the Worship Committee to mobilize and motivate members of the Cathedral to go and “reach out” to and for believers.
The Worship Committee seeks to recruit, train and support Missionaries from the Cathedral to the Mission fields. It also promotes exchange Programmes for missionaries.