PARISH OFFICE:OPEN EVERY WEEKDAY: 8.00AM - 5.00.PM. The main sanctuary remains open all day on Wednesday from 8am - 6pm for anyone who’d wish to come in to pray.

The Cathedral Administration is headed by a Provost who is a representative of the Bishop at the Cathedral level. He is the Chairperson and is responsible for steering the parish towards a given direction. S/he is the Chairperson of the Parish Church Council (P.C.C).

Parish Church Council (P.C.C.) – Mandate and Operational Arms

The P.C.C. is the body mandated with policy formulation and decision-making as well as interpretation and implementation of the SP at the Parish level. Members are elected and appointed.(Elected  by  the  Local  Church Council  and  co-opted  by  the  vicar)  The authority is vested on the PCC while roles and responsibilities are assigned to individual members.

The PCC has the following operational arms:
i. Committees - Finance and General Purposes, Development Committee and other established committees
ii. Pillar Ministries
iii. Departments